7 Reliable Investment Affiliate Programs

investment affiliate programs release money with the expectation that there will be some benefit in the future. Investments can include stocks, bonds, CDs, precious metals, and IRAs. Most people think about investment affiliate programs as they approach retirement, but they can also be used to increase and maintain your wealth. There are a huge number of investment niches, including FIRE (financial independence early retirement), young investors (such as college students), high-risk investors ( option trading ), or investment for income (such as retirement).

Best investment affiliate programs described here:

1 eToro
2 TIAA Bank
3 CIT Bank
4 SpeedTrader
5 IRA rebalancing
6 Ally Invest
7 MarketRiders


eToro is the fastest growing social trading platform. They also allow you to trade bitcoin and cryptocurrencies . Their unique trading platform, combined with an integrated social network, enables novices and professionals to make smart investment decisions. Users can find and copy the best traders. Popular investors are even eligible to receive monthly returns of up to 2% AUM.

They paid their affiliates over $ 50 million in commissions. eToro uses Commission Junction to manage its investment affiliate programs. Affiliates have access to top-performing banner ads, widgets, and landing pages, as well as detailed reporting tools.

Affiliates can get support from their experienced affiliate managers or check out their new education center to gain a competitive edge.


TIAA Bank offers an innovative line of investment solutions. They help build portfolios for foreign currencies and precious metals not insured by the FDIC. It is a solid bank that is backed by a long history of stability and strength. They believe that the customer comes first, no matter what, and provide first-class banking products.

Affiliates can register by searching for TIAA Bank or Everbank in the Rakuten Marketing program section. TIAA Bank provides its affiliates with banners, text links and tracking tools. Affiliates can earn commissions on Money Market accounts, personal foreign exchange CDs, personal and business checking accounts, but not on credit card apps.

It’s important to note that affiliates must get approval for all email campaigns and custom

CIT Bank

CIT Bank offers its clients winning, competitive savings products

CIT Bank is an online bank that offers highly competitive savings products to its customers. They have received numerous awards and accolades from BankRate, NerdWallet and GoBankingRates. Their deposit products include certificates of deposit, 11-month CDs without penalties, top-notch savings accounts, and money market accounts.

They partnered with Commission Junction to host their investment affiliate programs. CIT Bank provides its branches with access to regularly updated announcements and promotions. Their program is professionally managed by the CJ Accounts team that can help partners get the most out of their software.

Affiliates receive a commission when one of their viewers is approved for any of their Savings Products or Certificate of Contribution.


SpeedTrader offers high-quality trading services at the lowest cost

SpeedTrader is the best broker for day traders. They provide investors and active day traders with an online trading platform and trading software. They specialize in the online trading industry and offer the highest level of trading services at the lowest possible cost.

Their affiliate program is operated by Junction Commission. SpeedTrader has a complete list of banner ads and text links that affiliates can use to promote their services. Their affiliate manager can help answer any questions and give advice on how to optimize your campaigns.

SpeedTrader Provides Investors With a lot of commerce code Than a conventional online Broker..

IRA rebalancing

Rebalance IRA manages investments with some of the lowest fees in the industry

Rebalancing the IRA understands that even the smallest reduction in investment fees can have a significant impact on your nest size. They promise to manage your investments with low fees and higher returns. They can save their clients an average of 68% per annum.

They use ShareASale to launch their affiliate program. Rebalance IRA provides its affiliates with all the marketing materials and tools they need to get started. Affiliates should read their terms and conditions to learn more about what constitutes valid leadership to help them better target potential viewers.

Affiliates can earn $ 65 for Leadership by referring over 25 clients in one month.

Ally Invest

Ally Invest offers its clients online trading and automatic investment affiliate programs services

Ally Invest is a web stock and choices broker. they provide a large sort of self-managed and managed investment product. Their resource library includes advanced charting tools and a variety of calculators. Clients have 24/7 access to their brokers to answer all their investment affiliate programs questions.

They use Commission Junction as their third party management affiliate system. Ally Invest offers its affiliates high conversion rates and a dedicated team for effective marketing. Partners with personal finance blogs and content sites are particularly successful in their program Why you should promote Ally Invest: online stock and options broker, high conversion rates, dedicated affiliate help

Be sure to read their policies carefully, as well as their specific terms and conditions, to make sure you’re not breaking their affiliate policies.


MarketRiders is a web-based investment software that uses techniques developed by Nobel laureates. They help investors diversify their money and invest like the rich. Investors can invest with any broker, reduce their investment fees by 80%, and receive impartial investment advice

Affiliates can access their investment affiliate programs panel on ShareASale. MarketRiders offers its affiliates several ways to earn commissions from leads and sales. Affiliates can access all of their ads and reporting tools through an easy-to-use dashboard.

MarketRiders have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Bloomberg.

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