Benefits of CFD Trading

CFDs are increasingly becoming the preferred investment option for modern traders.

The most important benefit of CFD trading are They allow you to gain complete independence and create a personal portfolio that suits your budget and financial goals.

Benefit Of CFD Trading For A Beginner

  • Low-cost Arotrade is an online trading platform that operates at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional stockbrokers and investment houses. Our clients also benefit from these savings thanks to the low fixed spreads on all assets. There are no commissions, hidden fees, or other fees charged when trading with Arotrade. We work hard to reduce your investment costs and offer you the very best trading environment.
  • FlexibilityCFD traders can profit from both rising and falling markets. You can open both buy and sell positions with leverage, using any market movement to your advantage. The Arotrade platform allows you to manage multiple investments at the same time, analyze markets in real-time, and perform comprehensive account management. Our risk management tools and available order types allow very flexible and precise control over every trade you make.
  • Great opportunitiesArotrade provides large leverage that reaches 1: 200 for individual assets. Increase your position size and potential profit!
  • SimplicityQuickly responding to constant changes in the markets is essential for successful trading, especially when managing multiple open positions at the same time. Our one-click trading platform allows you to open and close positions with instant order execution.

Online CFD trading is already a very popular form of investment, appreciated by millions of traders around the world. Almost anyone can trade CFDs, provided they follow the basic principles of risk management. The Arotrade Learning Center contains all the materials and educational resources you need to start trading CFDs online.

Many of the most successful Arotrade traders started out as absolute beginners with no previous experience in the financial markets. They used the Learning Center and Demo Account to learn how to trade CFDs. CFD traders include both beginners who trade in their free time and professional investors who manage complex portfolios. The Arotrade platform allows the investor to independently set financial goals and fully control their own investments.

Example of a CFD trade

Arotrade offers 5 main asset classes in the form of CFDs: Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies. The basic principles of trading are the same for all assets.Typical CFD trade

You buy $ 250 per euro. After a week, you change your dollars back to euros and make a profit of $ 75.How is this possible?

When you first bought $ 250, the dollar was worth 0.9 EUR. Now the USD / EUR rate is 1.2. That € 0.3 price change earned you $ 75.
You have earned by following the basic principle of buying dollars at a low rate and then selling at a higher rate. If you used leverage, then your profit will grow indirect
proportion to the value of the leverage.
$ 250 x 200x Leverage = $ 50,000.
$ 50,000 x 0.3 EUR = $ 15,000If you correctly predicted the movement of the asset’s price, then you could make good money, especially when using leverage. If you are wrong, then you will lose your invested capital in part or in full. You will never have any debt or financial obligations.

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