Decide To Quit Smoking

Aware of the dangers of smoking, even smokers. Every year 7 million people die from smoking alone.
This includes not only addicted smokers but also people who are affected by someone else’s smoking. If the smoking habit among the people remains the same, then every year till 2030, the number of deaths due to this addiction will increase. The number will exceed 8 million annually.
If you smoke or someone in your household is addicted, it is not very difficult to get rid of it.

It is generally observed that people who are afflicted with this habit cannot bear the intensity of the demand for it, but once they have a firm intention, self-will can save them from this monster in the future as well. Also, think about what will happen if you quit smoking? How long will it take for the lungs to clear up? The answer is that if you quit smoking, you will gradually notice the changes that will take place inside you and you will appreciate your decision. ۔
These changes are as follows:
After 20 minutes
your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet return to normal.
After 8 hours and 8 hours
, the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood is reduced by half. Nicotine is the most common cause of heart disease, while carbon monoxide can use up the oxygen in your blood and cause more health problems.
That’s why you need cigarettes sooner, but if you stick to your decision, that time will pass. People who smoke one pack a day
after 24 hours
have again the risk of heart attack as non-smokers. Therefore, if you have not smoked a single cigarette all day, the risk will automatically decrease. Over time, your oxygen levels rise, making it easier for you to do physical activity and X-rays.

After 48 hours,
if you have quit smoking for two days, celebrate it by eating any chocolate or cake. You will feel for yourself that your sense of smell and taste have already increased and you The nerves are feeling better. During this time, you will have been cleansed to a great extent. Due to smoking, the smoke and mucus in your lungs will have started to be cleansed.
The nicotine in your body will also start to disappear.
After 72 hours and
three days, your lungs will be much clearer. You will feel easier to breathe at first, as a result of which you will feel more energy inside yourself.
One week later,
when you reach the milestone of one week, your smoking cessation will be 9 times higher, meaning that if you spend a week, hopefully, you will not touch cigarettes for the rest of your life. Will

After 2 weeks to 2 weeks
you will feel that you are breathing more easily and thank your lungs for recovery, due to which your body is getting plenty of oxygen and during The blood is getting better.
After a month
you will feel more energized than before.
You will notice a significant reduction in the symptoms and side effects of smoking, such as chest tightness and difficulty breathing when taking X-rays.
3 months, your blood circulation gets better and better over the next three months, so your physical condition also gets better. Pregnant women who quit smoking may also have a lower risk of pre-mature liver. ۔

After 6 months, after
6 months, you will feel that you will be able to get out of this stressful situation easily, for which you used to use cigarettes. You will start to have less cough and mucus and it will be in your lungs. Inflammation of the vagina begins to decrease.
a year, the lungs begin to function very well.
In addition to improving your health, you can save a considerable amount of money on cigarettes.
After 3 years
, if you spend three years without a cigarette, your risk of heart attack is the same as that of a non-smoker.
After 5 years,
your risk of heart attack is reduced by 50%, as well as the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach and the bladder is halved.

After 10 years
, the death rate from lung cancer is about the same as that of non-smokers. The risk of developing or growing cancer is also reduced by 30 to 50 percent. Cells affected by cancer are also replaced by healthy cells. Become
After 15 years,
you become like a normal human being and protect yourself from all the diseases associated with smoking, such as heart attack or lung cancer, etc., and continue to lead a healthy life.

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