Top 6 Best Penny Stock Books

Best Penny Stock Books

You can learn trading the best penny stock books and become part of the 90% of traders who win money in the stock market. There are tons of penny stocks books about investing.

The right penny stock book will give you the knowledge and tools that you require to become an incredible investor.

All of these books are about penny stocks, but each book has several aspects and concepts that will help you profit when you’re trading low-priced, speculative shares.

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Penny Stock for Dummies

Penny Stock for Dummies is such an informational book about penny stock. This is one of my favorite books because I start my trading with the help of this book.

The most important book about trading penny stocks is penny stocks for dummies.

Penny stocks for dummies are the book I wished I had read when I started trading penny stocks at 14 years old and lost all my money within two weeks.

I want to help that 14-year-old version of me, just like I want to help you, and I know that the book will do that.

Penny stocks for dummies is an international bestseller on the shelves from Jacksonville to Japan.
Some might think that because it is in the “for dummies” series, the concepts are basic or rudimentary.

Sure, certain aspects of the book are straightforward and clear, but some sections get into really advanced and complicated topics.

So anybody who reads this book can become an excellent trader in penny stocks.

The Intelligent Investor

This is a great book to discover the principles of investing. Even as a penny stock trader, you will benefit a great deal, even though the focus of this particular book is on much larger Stocks.

When I lost all of my money within two weeks to become a much more successful investor, this book and others like it made all the difference.

How To Make Money In Stocks

I wouldn’t take everything that these books said as gospel truth, but I would pick and choose individual sections and principles illustrated in each book that I felt would benefit as I learned and refined my approach.

For investors who enjoy a step-by-step process, this book could be a great way to begin.

Like all the books mentioned here, I did read this one, and I benefited from it. William O’Neill’s [Can Slim] process is beneficial in many situations.

Do feel like it over-generalizes the very complex and fluid world of investing.

It is perfect for most cases, but there may arise specific unique environments in which the concepts will not bear fruit, in my opinion.

Even so, people will be better for having learned what is discussed in this book.

It is also an essential first step for anyone who’s trying to create their trading system because it will introduce you to the concept of developing and refining your style if you mimic certain parts of the approach discussed in the book.

Fire Your Stock Analyst!

The most important part of this book is also the most complicated.
The discussion of position sizing is critical and is the most outstanding value that this work provides.

The part on position sizing is only one part of what this book discusses, but this book will be well worth a read even if it was only that part. Keep in mind,

if you are a new or beginning investor, the position sizing topic involves a lot of math and complexity to do it properly.

So if you’re looking for the more superficial stuff, this might be a book that you leave for a little while until you’ve read some of the introduction and strategy development books.

One Up On Well Street

This book is timeless, an easy read, and incredibly helpful. You will be a more successful trader, only by taking some time to go through this one.

The concepts in this book are not too complicated for most people but are still incredibly useful.

In other words, one up on Wall Street is the perfect book for most investors, beginners, and more advanced traders alike.

The author, Peter Lynch, is a genuine and straightforward guy. And I don’t just say that because he’s got a great first name.

Rampaging Bulls

Lastly, I have a bonus book for you. I left this one to the end because it probably won’t help most investors trade more effectively.

However, This is about the best penny stock books precisely and the shady side that involves promoters.
This book was around well before “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie came out.
It is a super fun read and was one of my favorite books when I was younger.

It is perfect for taking with you on an airplane or a vacation. Just know that you will not get a lot of direct benefit from it, besides the enjoyable read.

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