Depression is a treatable disease

Sadness and happiness are part of the daily routine of every normal person. Every person experiences happiness every day and he also spends some moments of sadness. When sadness and happiness are considered as illness. According to psychology, if a person becomes very sad or his grief becomes very long, it is called depression.
Normal grief does not need any treatment, it heals on its own over time. In fact, if a person suffers from grief for a long time, then it is considered as a disease of depression. Similarly, if a man is happy, he is considered to be a part of normal life, but if happiness exceeds the limit and he becomes so happy that he loses his financial or social loss, and his happiness extends beyond all boundaries. When he goes, he suffers from the disease of happiness, which is usually divided into two categories.

Hypomania and mania.

In hypomania, a person is happier than normal, but not so happy as to be considered insane. But if a person is so happy that his happiness transcends all limits and his connection with reality ceases. Be it and he begins to think of himself as a prophet or a god or he starts claiming that the clouds are moving at his will, the rain is falling, the sun is moving because of him, the moon is moving because of him. If the sun rotates the well, then the person becomes infected with mania.
If mania is not treated, such a person also inflicts immense financial and social damage on himself.
Hypomania increases a person’s strength and ability. He starts to work harder but most of the time his work is wrong and his direction is not right. If he is focused and working hard and he is mania. Many times he does great things in the world.
Surprisingly, people think that the development of the world and all the inventions that have taken place are all done by normal people, but this is not the case. So he also performs the deeds of the great ones in the state of his illness. Therefore, it is said that the great powerful families in the world who have made the greatest inventions in the world are in a state of hypnosis at this time. I was and in that state, they did a great deed.
He made a huge leap.
He made a great invention or did a great deed politically, socially, or socially. In the old days when pharma logic or Psychopharma logic was not developed, there was no cure for these diseases. Even if there was a cure, it would be very simple. If someone was sad or upset, such a person would be asked to take a bath again and again and pour water on his head for a while so that he would get some relief.
In the 21st century, the best treatments are available. Now science has come a long way, so much progress has been made that the best preventive medicines are available for the treatment of all the diseases that can be cured quickly. And the severity of the disease can be overcome quickly. Man can overcome this disease, the torment of the disease is minimized, the suffering of the patient is minimized, not only the disease can be controlled as soon as possible. Yes, they can prevent the disease from recurring.
With the help of these drugs, psychologists have also been able to prevent seizures. If a person suffers from depression, hypomania, or mania, he should consult a psychiatrist immediately instead of getting frustrated.
In our society, such patients are wasted time and money by taking them to the big culprits. That is why instead of reducing the disease, its severity increases. Such patients are treated only by psychologists. can.

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