Diet and Exercise Plans For Weight Loss

Recently I came across a website that was claiming to lose weight in 6 weeks and also had very encouraging reviews from different people. I remember a friend of mine “really” losing weight through a similar diet plan.

When I called him and asked him, he started a series of compliments and stopped at the question of what are its side effects or implications.

Now that he started talking about it, I was upset because, in that sense, modern diet plans and supplements only lead to weight loss, while the rest of the human body is internally hollow and weak, while weight loss.

Therefore, one should adopt such a method so that the results are achieved and the problem of physical weakness does not arise.

The other day I met Madhat Zahra, who works in the human resources department of a media industry. There was talk of her smartness in which she spoke openly. Is there a story behind this smartness? ”The sentence was interesting and my interest was beyond that.

“I was a chubby little girl and that’s how I grew up,”

He said. If you look at the pictures of me up to 20 years old, you will know the truth of my point. “After this, there would be more conversations with him,” he said. I asked him, “I am overweight. How did this idea come about?” The answer came. Because I’ve been overweight since I was a kid, I’ve always felt that I was overweight.
As time went on, this feeling doubled. Sometimes people used to give me regular bites and one day it happened that I decided that now I have to lose my weight and live a healthy life. I am thankful to my best friend who not only made me realize this but also encouraged me. He explained to me that weight loss would not only make me look better but also for my health. Is beneficial
My parents and close friends and relatives cooperated a lot in this regard. The truth is that I was able to have courage because of the support of all of them.
Answering another question, Madhat said, “I first controlled my eating and drinking and got rid of junk food from my diet. Although it was a very difficult task, when a person has the courage and determination, then someone The work does not seem difficult.
After that, I started going to the gym regularly to exercise. That day and today I did not go to the gym for a single day. If for some reason I can’t go to the gym, I exercise at home. “He said,” I have not consulted anyone in this regard. I felt that there is nothing better than exercise, so I joined the gym. It is important that your trainer be a good guide to your diet and workout.
My trainer is Anas Shahid who did my personal training. They gave me very useful advice on everything, of course as a result of which ‘I lost weight fast.’
In response to the question, “Did you try to lose weight by losing weight or by working out?” He said, “When I started losing weight, I improved my eating habits. ۔
For example, skip acidic drinks, sweets, and fried foods. But when I worked out more, I started eating light food. It seems to me that doing more workouts keeps the body more active. This workout is now part of my routine. No matter how tired or busy I am, I need a workout, ”he said, advising women and men who want to lose weight.
“It’s not that hard to lose weight, it’s just a matter of honesty and integrity. If we think that we will live a healthy life even in old age, you will find everything difficult. I was very fat since childhood which is why I have never been a confident girl but today the situation is very different. I had the courage and the fulfillment of my dreams.
Commitment to healthy eating and workout will help you lose weight and be happy. In 2018, I started going to the gym for the first time. In the beginning, we lost weight fast and then we stopped losing weight fast and now we are losing weight slowly. I think it’s a lifestyle change that has no limits. For that, you have to perform better every day than the last day.

In response to a question, Madhat said, “When I started the workout, I weighed 87 kg and now I weigh 67 kg, while my goal is to lose another 7% to 60 kg. Now I want to focus more on body tuning and also learn yoga. I would like to tell those who want to lose weight for themselves and not for anyone else.
Don’t hate yourself, but work hard on yourself so that you can love yourself. Exercise daily, stay active and eat a healthy diet. However, there is nothing wrong with chatting occasionally. I would like to say one more thing. Keep in mind your weight loss goal.

It simply came to our notice then that he had lost weight and in no way did he suffer any internal or external harm. The conversation is being conveyed to the readers so that people do not think that they have achieved their goal by adopting any kind of well-known diet. Food supplements or diet plans are temporarily beneficial, but as soon as they are abandoned,

Weight gain begins.

According to Madhat’s experience, along with diet plans, exercise, or workout is important. Any other method is temporary. I will try to introduce you to more people who have changed their outward and inward lives with their courage.

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