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Fatty liver refers to the disease caused by the accumulation of excessive fat in liver cells. What are the factors related to fatty liver?
Fatty liver refers to the disease caused by the accumulation of excessive fat in liver cells. Because fat will hinder the normal operation of the liver, especially affect the body’s metabolism, causing excessive accumulation of toxins in the body, which is very detrimental to human health.

What are the factors related to fatty liver?

1. High-Fat Diet

Many people who are overweight are at risk of developing fatty liver. This is because obese people generally have high-fat and high-sugar habits. If you eat a lot of these high-fat foods for a long time, the fat ingested will attach to us. In the liver, the probability of fatty liver will increase in the long term.

2. Alcohol

Regular heavy drinking will cause liver cells to be prone to stenosis for a long time, and excessive alcohol intake will easily cause stenosis inside liver cells and fatty liver. And if the liver cells further necrosis and regenerate, they will evolve into liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, and eventually even into liver cancer. Therefore, long-term alcohol abuse can cause great damage to the liver.

3. Malnutrition

Inducing fatty liver is closely related to eating habits, and inducing fatty liver is not only caused by excessive nutrition. Malnutrition and malnutrition can also induce fatty liver. This is because the protein in the human body is lacking in malnutrition. Such a long-term state will cause digestive disorders in the body and greatly increase the occurrence of fatty liver.

Since many factors may increase the risk of fatty liver, people who suffer from fatty liver must actively cooperate with treatment, and daily diet therapy also plays an important role in improving fatty liver.

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What Foods Can Relieve Fatty Liver?

Whole grains

People with poor liver or liver damage will have abnormal functions in the liver to store spare sugars, so you can eat more grains high in plant fiber at this time, which not only reduces the burden on the liver but also helps reduce fatty acids in the blood. The concentration and cholesterol content help promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, and have a good effect on inhibiting fatty liver.

2. Kelp

Kelp is a very nutritious food. Kelp contains a lot of taurines and fibrous alginic acid, which can help us reduce the cholesterol in the body’s bile, and can also inhibit the absorption of cholesterol by the liver. Consumption of moderate amounts can inhibit fatty liver good results.

3. Beans

Soy products can lower cholesterol and triglyceride content, so you can eat more soy foods daily, such as soy milk, tofu, etc., which have a certain effect on inhibiting fatty liver, especially soy milk has a beauty effect for women.

4. Foods rich in selenium

Selenium can make the activity of agglutination per-oxidase in the liver become normal, which has a good effect on protecting the liver and nourishing the liver. The liver nourishing tablets mainly composed of selenium malt powder and Schisandra can adjust Immunity can also repair liver damage caused by chemistry.

Rare Eye infections

Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ of the human body which is the most sophisticated and complex in the five senses as well as the most important for human beings. Therefore, nature has made many arrangements for its protection. It is between the shells of the bones. It has eyelids and eyelids that have the ability to open and close quickly when looking and in danger. You need to know about Rare Eye Infections

There is always moisture in the form of tears in the eyes. It is actually a natural antiseptic solution for cleaning the eyes. Lysozyme, which keeps the eyes moist as well as protects them from external defects such as kidney germs. Dust, pollution, etc.

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These tears are produced by the glands above the eyes

Tears cleanse the eyelids and then reach the nose through the tear duct in the inner corner of the eye. When you look at the eyes from the front, you see a black pupil. It is like the door of the eye. The light goes through it into the eyes and then things are visible. There is an iris around the pupils which is itself. Iris is surrounded by white hair (sclera) around the iris.

If you examine the inside of the eye, you will see many layers. The front has a transparent hard cornea that acts as the outer lens of the eye. The retina on the back of the eye. The function of the retina is to give adequate light to the retina by focusing on it. Behind it is the iris and immediately after it is the crystalline lens which has its own color or texture. Keeps changing for compatibility.

Behind the lens is a transparent jelly-like substance that fills the inner parts of the eyes. The back of the eye has a light-sensitive coating called the retina, which is the most important part of the eye. The light enters the eye through the pupils and travels to the sensitive cells of the retina and divides into two parts called rods and cones.

They trigger a wave that commands the brain to look through the optic nerves and with this optic nerve there are blind spots and any rods or corns in this place. Do not form Since the eyes are the most sensitive human organ, they should be taken care of immediately in case of any defect in them.

The symptoms that indicate an eye defect are either defects in the eyes themselves or There are signs of any defect in the eyelids. However, any defects in the eye should be immediately noticed and a doctor should be consulted.

Common eye infections and their symptoms

Blepharitis Blepharitis
This type of eye infection causes the eyelids to hurt and turn red. Mild itching and sticking of the eyelids together after waking up in the morning are common symptoms. There may be an allergy or a skin rash.

Conjunctivitis The white parts of the eyes appear as red as blood, they also have inflammation and discomfort, watery eyes, dark white or yellow discharge from the eyes are considered as common symptoms of conjunctivitis. Is done.

Even in this case, the eyelids stick to each other in the morning.
If these symptoms are present in only one eye, then the cause may be some kind of external factor, such as a particle of dust getting into the eyes, and if it is present in both eyes, it may be due to some kind of severe infection or allergy.Is. If the child is sick with this ailment, that is, he is also having a fever, then it may be a sign of measles or occasional illness.


This type of infection is also called eye stains or red blisters. Seeing red, swollen, and inflamed eyes is a clear sign of this infection. There is also food stuck with inflammation.

Tears drain closure

(Blockage of tear duck)appear in children’s eyes filled with tears every time I look in the eyes water and the water removed when it should be in the form of a thick liquid.

This can be caused by a blockage of the tear duct. It can affect both eyes.
Direct eye defects with white cataract pupae with a clear white spot. This disease is a symptom of cataract and can be congenital.

The visually impaired Children should try to see things closely. In this endeavor, squinting may also occur due to pressure on his eyes.
This is a sign that the baby’s eyesight is impaired.

When a child reads, he should keep the book very close to himself, that is, close his eyes or try to look at the blackboard, etc. The child’s far-sightedness is likely to be weakened. I usually find it.

Squint The child should look at the six ways in a way that the angle of his eyes is not correct. This is a sign of squinting. Apart from these, there are other eye defects or diseases that are not mentioned here.

But it is important to repeat here that in case of any defect, you should not try to treat it by yourself but by an authorized doctor. Refer to Types of
eye strains, also called red spots, are a bacterial infection caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcal.

It enters the eyelids where the eyelids grow. There is an effect and it becomes a rash. This usually happens when a child rubs his eyes with his dirty hands.

Bacteria with eye infections usually live on the skin of the nose and throat and do no harm, but if they enter the skin, they can cause a serious infection.

The infection causes a purulent discharge in which live white blood cells and bacteria as well as the dead matter of the cells keep coming out. This process continues until the eye stains are removed or Don’t grow up and burst.

Some children get recurrent eye stains. This may be due to the fact that they are either looking for the germs or their body’s immune system is fighting against the eye stains infection. I am weak.

Eye stains are not dangerous but they are very painful. Symptoms The child’s eyelids become red and swollen. The swelling starts to increase and in two to three days it becomes a light yellow rash. What should be done?

If the eye strain is not healing on its own, then it is better to remove the moisture or pus in it.

Never remove the pus by tearing the eye sockets. The best way to do this is to make a large cotton ball and dip it in warm water and keep it on the child’s eye for at least 20 minutes. Keep repeating until you feel the need.
When the eyelids rupture, gently and gently clean the dirty material and blood with a cotton ball soaked in a sterile or antiseptic solution (prepared for sensitive skin).

Care must be taken to clean the dirty material so that it does not get into the other eye and cause an infection there as well.
After removing the material, clean the whole area with water and use the antibiotic drops or ointment prescribed by the doctor. Then clean your hands thoroughly.

See a doctor if you have eye strain or red spots that are too large or painful.
The doctor will then perform a chemical analysis of the nasal and oral fluid to find out where the bacteria are growing.

Caution Encourage

Children wash their hands at all times. Do not allow children to wipe their noses with their hands. Instruct them to keep handkerchiefs or tissue papers with them for this need. If you find that your child has persistent eye strain, then increase the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet.

If the child’s eyes are sore, instruct them to wear sunglasses when going out. Sick children should not live in an environment full of smoke. Smoke increases the severity of eye strain.

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Side medicine and treatment

According to Chinese medical philosophy, the eyes are a sensitive device of the liver. Therefore, when there is a defect in the eyes, the liver is also treated according to this theory.

Natural remedies focus on diets and try to eliminate the disorder through various diets. There are many remedies for this in homeopathy such as Staphisagria 6C every hour for ten consecutive days. Are done

How to Reduce Eye Inflammation

There are many causes of eye inflammation. Smoke or a gas, cold air, bright light, dust, and any foreign object in the eye such as straw, hair, mosquito, etc. are the main causes of it. The inflammation caused by them is often temporary and Inflammation of the eye due to germs is the most important because once the germs occupy the eye, they continue to thrive for a long time, so this inflammation lasts for a long time and is more painful.

The most common type of inflammation is eye irritation and watery eyes. The eye becomes red. Bacterial inflammation not only has these symptoms but also causes a viscous substance to flow from the eyes instead of water.

This substance sometimes causes the eyelids to stick out. Sometimes the eyelids become swollen. The eyes are usually red at a certain place. In a certain bacterial inflammation, rashes form under the eyelidsInflammation of the eye in vulnerable children is usually caused by a virus.

The virus is also a germ-like creature that causes various diseases. The white part in the nearby part turns red.

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Causes & Natural Treatment

1. Try to avoid everyday causes of eye inflammation. If these minor causes cause constant inflammation in the eye, it can be dangerous. If there is eye inflammation, some people wear blindfolds. It is dangerous to do so. The germs that run out of the water in the eye also stay in the eye and the inflammation increases further.

2. Whatever the nature of the inflammation, keep washing the eye with a solution of uric acid. You can make this solution at home in a glass. Pour a teaspoon of uric acid in lukewarm water and dissolve it well.

3. Do not wash your eyes immediately.

Allow the dissolved uric acid to settle in the bottom of the pot. Wash the affected eye with clean cotton wool by rinsing the solution in another container. Even if it is not caused by germs, germs can easily attack the inflamed eye.

4. The uric acid solution of germs on feetIf the inflammation is due to germs, ie if the eye is red for a long time, there is irritation and pain in it and there is a constant flow of water or lubricating material in it, it is still useful to wash it with uric acid. Clean the eye by soaking it in a solution of clean cotton uric acid and drip two to three drops of Bidizole eye drops in it.

5. Wash the eyes three to four times a day and apply this medicine to the eye. Can be found at the pharmacist. Apply Vaseline on the eyelids at night to prevent them from sticking to the digestive tract. Use of anti-bacterial towels etc. Do not use it. Reduce or quit smoking if the inflammation is recurrent or chronic. So zinc sulfate lotion is 1/4% useful. Be careful not to use a lotion stronger than this. It can be dangerous. Don’t forget to remove the cause of inflammation and sunburn. Use glasses.

6. If the eye inflammation is caused by conjunctivitis and is accompanied by red and swollen eyes, eye congestion, and other symptoms, then some eye drops can be used to treat conjunctivitis. As long as the conjunctivitis is cured, the eye inflammation will also be It got better naturally.

7. When the eyes are inflamed, red, and swollen, people can also use antibiotic drugs for treatment, but these drugs should not be used for too long, otherwise, it will form drug dependence and cause some side effects on the human body.

8. People all know that salt has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. People can take a pot of warm water and add an appropriate amount of salt. After mixing it evenly, clean the area around their eyes, which can also have a therapeutic effect. However, this kind of treatment is slower and people have to wash their eyes every day.

9. A reasonable diet can also indirectly reduce inflammation of the eyes. When the eyes are inflamed and swollen, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, calcium, iron, and other elements, because these nutrients can increase the resistance of the eyes to diseases.

10. After the eyes become swollen and inflamed, people should try not to use their eyes and rest more. This can reduce the discomfort to their body and relieve the fatigue of the eyes, thereby reducing the symptoms of eye inflammation. The above is the solution to the inflammation and swelling of the eyes. If your eyes also have this kind of symptoms, you can follow the methods described above to deal with it. At the same time, I suggest that you should pay more attention to protecting your eyes in your daily life and master some methods to deal with eye inflammation so that you will not panic when facing diseases.

Causes of Depression

was an intelligent student of Sonia Ahmed Oliwal till four years ago and was fully committed to going into the medical profession in the future but then all of a sudden her life was full of joys, aspirations, and dreams of the future. After failing in Olivia, Sonia Ahmed did her third FSC on her father’s mystery. As soon as her dream of becoming a doctor was shattered, she became very frustrated and disappointed which resulted in depression.

But this is not just the story of a 20-year-old Sonia Ahmed. Dozens of other girls like her are also going through this ordeal. According to a research report released by Aga Khan University Karachi, depression, and anxiety are fast-spreading diseases or problems in Pakistan. The youngest victims are among them.

The rate of depression in different cities of Pakistan has been noted to be 22 to 60% which is highest in the most populous cities like Karachi and Lahore.

It is estimated that if the rate of mental illness continues to increase, Pakistan will have mental problems and diseases by 2050. Will be ranked sixth in the world rankings.

Although the joint family system still reigns in most cities of Pakistan and in case of any kind of illness the patient gets the full support of family and relatives, but our outdated social system declares psychiatric disorders as insanity.

Instead of supporting the patient in recovery, the treatment makes him more lonely. However, depression and anxiety are not really insanity but a problem like depression which is also a big problem globally.

In this article, we will try to explain what depression is and what it is and how to get rid of it. Lack of awareness about mental illness in Pakistani society is one of the major reasons for our outdated social.

There is a system where traditions, customs, and opinions of outsiders are given more importance than children or relationships, and mild to severe mental illnesses are suppressed in the home and one of the reasons for not bringing such issues to the fore is people. What will they say?

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What is depression?

Depression is a condition in which the patient feels lonely, depressed, and unsuccessful. This disease exaggerates the negative side of events and in this condition if the patient does not get proper help from family or friends.

If not met and treated in time, the patient’s mental state begins to deteriorate, which is fatal to both his social and professional life.

Anxiety can be said to be the twin sister of depression. Depression portrays the patient as a failed human being. Anxiety enhances these negative thoughts and perceptions and develops a constant state of fear and anxiety in the patient.

Stopping causes stagnation and this stagnation gradually hollows out the patient by licking his joys, dreams, relationships, and loves like a termite with his abilities.

Although depression has been reported in people of all ages, according to reports released by international organizations, the rate of the disease has risen alarmingly in young people between the ages of 18 and 30 since 2011.

The new generation “depressed generation” Why is it happening? There can be many different reasons for this, among which are the following reasons.

Inter-Family Marriage and Genetics

Although we are living in the digital age of the 21st century today, there is no shortage of educated families in Pakistan who are very strict on caste and against marriage outside the family.

In the case of forced marriages, the husband and wife rarely have a mental harmony and their children suffer from stress or strain from the beginning along with the home environment.

Such children suffer from mental illness after the age of 18. The risk is much higher because they lack the ability to solve problems and self-confidence and they soon become depressed due to stress at university or later in the job

Economic Problems

Economic problems are also a major reason for the rapid rise in the rate of depression in developing countries like Pakistan. Challenges have increased in the obsession with population expansion and the adoption of a luxurious lifestyle in big cities.

I am forgetting to distinguish between good and evil in the obsession of surpassing each other by earning as much as possible in a legitimate and illegitimate way, which not only leads to the decline of the social system but also to selfishness and self-interest in bloody relationships. Is going

In such a situation, people with sensitive nature and heartache are increasingly suffering from mental illness because at every turn there is a sheep in the form of a human being sitting or tearing it up, along with rising unemployment and senior people in the office or

The younger generation is also increasingly suffering from depression due to the bad behavior of the boss and currently, 10 out of 100 young people are being treated by a therapist due to their psychological problems.

Generation Gap

The milestones that man has crossed in the last four, five decades in the field of science and technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, have weighed heavily on the overall development of the last two centuries, the revolution in our lives due to electronic devices and artificial intelligence.

It is not hidden from anyone, but it can be seen that along with the advantages of this rapid development, severe disadvantages have also come to the fore and after the developed countries, now even in the developing and backward countries, the social system is rapidly declining.

Today’s generation is living in a digital age that wants to pay for everything with a few punches on a click or mobile while parents still have old values and traditions, so the distance between parents and children has widened.

So the parents are not willing to change themselves by looking at the tendencies of the children and do not want to accept the old ways and traditions of the children, as a result, a rebellious or

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Depression is a treatable disease

Sadness and happiness are part of the daily routine of every normal person. Every person experiences happiness every day and he also spends some moments of sadness. When sadness and happiness are considered as illness. According to psychology, if a person becomes very sad or his grief becomes very long, it is called depression.
Normal grief does not need any treatment, it heals on its own over time. In fact, if a person suffers from grief for a long time, then it is considered as a disease of depression. Similarly, if a man is happy, he is considered to be a part of normal life, but if happiness exceeds the limit and he becomes so happy that he loses his financial or social loss, and his happiness extends beyond all boundaries. When he goes, he suffers from the disease of happiness, which is usually divided into two categories.

Hypomania and mania.

In hypomania, a person is happier than normal, but not so happy as to be considered insane. But if a person is so happy that his happiness transcends all limits and his connection with reality ceases. Be it and he begins to think of himself as a prophet or a god or he starts claiming that the clouds are moving at his will, the rain is falling, the sun is moving because of him, the moon is moving because of him. If the sun rotates the well, then the person becomes infected with mania.
If mania is not treated, such a person also inflicts immense financial and social damage on himself.
Hypomania increases a person’s strength and ability. He starts to work harder but most of the time his work is wrong and his direction is not right. If he is focused and working hard and he is mania. Many times he does great things in the world.
Surprisingly, people think that the development of the world and all the inventions that have taken place are all done by normal people, but this is not the case. So he also performs the deeds of the great ones in the state of his illness. Therefore, it is said that the great powerful families in the world who have made the greatest inventions in the world are in a state of hypnosis at this time. I was and in that state, they did a great deed.
He made a huge leap.
He made a great invention or did a great deed politically, socially, or socially. In the old days when pharma logic or Psychopharma logic was not developed, there was no cure for these diseases. Even if there was a cure, it would be very simple. If someone was sad or upset, such a person would be asked to take a bath again and again and pour water on his head for a while so that he would get some relief.
In the 21st century, the best treatments are available. Now science has come a long way, so much progress has been made that the best preventive medicines are available for the treatment of all the diseases that can be cured quickly. And the severity of the disease can be overcome quickly. Man can overcome this disease, the torment of the disease is minimized, the suffering of the patient is minimized, not only the disease can be controlled as soon as possible. Yes, they can prevent the disease from recurring.
With the help of these drugs, psychologists have also been able to prevent seizures. If a person suffers from depression, hypomania, or mania, he should consult a psychiatrist immediately instead of getting frustrated.
In our society, such patients are wasted time and money by taking them to the big culprits. That is why instead of reducing the disease, its severity increases. Such patients are treated only by psychologists. can.

Decide To Quit Smoking

Aware of the dangers of smoking, even smokers. Every year 7 million people die from smoking alone.
This includes not only addicted smokers but also people who are affected by someone else’s smoking. If the smoking habit among the people remains the same, then every year till 2030, the number of deaths due to this addiction will increase. The number will exceed 8 million annually.
If you smoke or someone in your household is addicted, it is not very difficult to get rid of it.

It is generally observed that people who are afflicted with this habit cannot bear the intensity of the demand for it, but once they have a firm intention, self-will can save them from this monster in the future as well. Also, think about what will happen if you quit smoking? How long will it take for the lungs to clear up? The answer is that if you quit smoking, you will gradually notice the changes that will take place inside you and you will appreciate your decision. ۔
These changes are as follows:
After 20 minutes
your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet return to normal.
After 8 hours and 8 hours
, the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood is reduced by half. Nicotine is the most common cause of heart disease, while carbon monoxide can use up the oxygen in your blood and cause more health problems.
That’s why you need cigarettes sooner, but if you stick to your decision, that time will pass. People who smoke one pack a day
after 24 hours
have again the risk of heart attack as non-smokers. Therefore, if you have not smoked a single cigarette all day, the risk will automatically decrease. Over time, your oxygen levels rise, making it easier for you to do physical activity and X-rays.

After 48 hours,
if you have quit smoking for two days, celebrate it by eating any chocolate or cake. You will feel for yourself that your sense of smell and taste have already increased and you The nerves are feeling better. During this time, you will have been cleansed to a great extent. Due to smoking, the smoke and mucus in your lungs will have started to be cleansed.
The nicotine in your body will also start to disappear.
After 72 hours and
three days, your lungs will be much clearer. You will feel easier to breathe at first, as a result of which you will feel more energy inside yourself.
One week later,
when you reach the milestone of one week, your smoking cessation will be 9 times higher, meaning that if you spend a week, hopefully, you will not touch cigarettes for the rest of your life. Will

After 2 weeks to 2 weeks
you will feel that you are breathing more easily and thank your lungs for recovery, due to which your body is getting plenty of oxygen and during The blood is getting better.
After a month
you will feel more energized than before.
You will notice a significant reduction in the symptoms and side effects of smoking, such as chest tightness and difficulty breathing when taking X-rays.
3 months, your blood circulation gets better and better over the next three months, so your physical condition also gets better. Pregnant women who quit smoking may also have a lower risk of pre-mature liver. ۔

After 6 months, after
6 months, you will feel that you will be able to get out of this stressful situation easily, for which you used to use cigarettes. You will start to have less cough and mucus and it will be in your lungs. Inflammation of the vagina begins to decrease.
a year, the lungs begin to function very well.
In addition to improving your health, you can save a considerable amount of money on cigarettes.
After 3 years
, if you spend three years without a cigarette, your risk of heart attack is the same as that of a non-smoker.
After 5 years,
your risk of heart attack is reduced by 50%, as well as the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach and the bladder is halved.

After 10 years
, the death rate from lung cancer is about the same as that of non-smokers. The risk of developing or growing cancer is also reduced by 30 to 50 percent. Cells affected by cancer are also replaced by healthy cells. Become
After 15 years,
you become like a normal human being and protect yourself from all the diseases associated with smoking, such as heart attack or lung cancer, etc., and continue to lead a healthy life.

How to get rid of infertility?

Children are a great blessing given by nature. Many people are deprived of this blessing. Despite receiving such expensive treatment, they are not able to restore their ability to have children. Scientists say that the growth of men and women. The ability to breed is also closely linked to their eating habits. The wife’s eating habits not only reflect the birth of the child but also the health of the child in life.

Scientists have suggested a few foods for married couples who have long been deprived of the blessing of children. These foods increase the ability to reproduce in both men and women.
Experts say that unmarried people should also include these items in their diet so that they can have healthy children in the future.

A man or a woman is called infertile when they do not take any precaution and despite a natural marital relationship, they do not have a stable pregnancy even after one and a half years of marriage. There are two types of infertility. Primary infertility. And secondary infertility. The word infertility is usually attributed to a woman. If someone does not have a child, then all the blame is placed on the woman that the reason for not having a child is a woman.

According to research, infertility can happen to either a woman or a man. Some of the major causes of infertility in men include smoking, obesity, loss of interest in marital relations, and other drug addiction. Preference, laziness, laziness, spicy food, poultry diet are all things that can cause infertility in women.
Infertility is on the rise among the younger generation today and its causes include lack of sleep, restlessness, tension, and pollution. One more thing to keep in mind here is that if the baby is not born early, This does not mean that a man or a woman suffers from infertility because sometimes the birth of a child is delayed due to poor hormonal system.
Doctors say that if a few foods are used, infertility can be eliminated and hormonal changes can be brought about positively. Here are the foods that are said to be useful in infertility. According to research,


can help in infertility. Men can get energy by using this food which is rich in omega-3 fats and vitamin E, which improves their sperm.
Vitamin B and protein are good for women’s health. Daily use of almonds is said to be useful in infertility.
Avocado Avocado is
also called the powerhouse of nutritional power. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber. Depression and growth are essential to the strength of the race.
The folic acid in avocado is useful for fertility.
Sweet pumpkin is a
nutritious vegetable. It contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestible fiber. It is also rich in beta carotene, which is called progesterone in women. Useful in increasing hormone production


Beetroot contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of infertility due to old age. In addition, it also contains nitrate, which improves the circulatory system. Women who want to increase fertility. If they wish, they must drink beetroot juice.


the egg is used in all of the items counted nutrition.
Eggs contain the B-complex vitamin L (Choline) which has a positive effect on the process of childbirth in the mother’s womb. According to a study, its effects on the unborn child last for all ages. Eggs contain other vitamins and minerals are also found which are very important for general health as well as fertility.


Walnuts are a nutritious dried fruit.
The nutrients in it also have the ability to fight cancer. Walnuts have the ability to reduce the chances of bladder cancer, especially in men, and breast cancer in women. It contains omega-3 fats and vitamin E, which Useful for men. In addition, walnuts also contain vitamin B and protein. Scientists say that walnuts can be called the king of dried fruits because of their nutritional value.
Eating a handful of walnuts daily is said to be beneficial in infertility.


Pomegranate contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and many other vitamins and minerals including folic acid which protects a person from premature aging by delaying youth. In addition, these ingredients are also resistant to cancer and heart disease. Also useful for health and bones.
Experts say that if women drink pomegranate juice during pregnancy, it will improve the mental health of the baby.


Spinach is cheap food. It is accessible to every human being. It contains Vitamin B, Iron which is useful for the treatment of infertility. Green leafy vegetables are also useful in infertility.


Pulses, beans, lentils, etc. are the best source of protein. The use of pulses facilitates the process of fertilization, it increases the chances of pregnancy. Pulses and seeds are useful for a woman’s reproductive health.

Obesity causes many diseases

Exercise is very important to get rid of obesity and less food is also necessary. Many obese people still ask for medicine to lose weight, but do not think to change their eating habits and exercise. Men still go for a walk, but the happy women make a jar of pickles lying in the house.

Obesity-related diseases include heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes in particular. Obese people also generally have a serious lack of health and energy. Physically, walking is difficult for them. In particular, endurance is reduced. There is no necessary correlation between agility, physical flexibility, and body movements.

Steps don’t work out properly.

There is also a lack of fluency in walking, working, and getting up and sitting down. In addition, they also face emotional problems due to their roundabout looks and unusual sense of humor.
The best way to measure obesity is to estimate the percentage of fat in your total body weight. An average-sized man and woman should not have more than 20 and 25 percent body fat.
Good athletes and those who exercise hard do not have more than 10 and 15 percent body fat.
An easy way to measure or estimate obesity is to pinch the flesh of your back with your thumb and index finger.
Obesity is also measured by a chart of height and weight, but this is not a definitive measure, as a well-built and tight-lipped athlete may weigh more because of his or her solid flesh, but if his Fat is less than 20% and its excess weight is due to its well-built muscles, so it should not be considered fat.
It weighs muscle, not fat, and muscle is a source of health and energy.
A simple and straightforward rule is to remember the weight of the time when you were perfectly fit, energetic, and healthy. To stay healthy and fit, try to bring your weight to that level and maintain it for the rest of your life.
Most people stay perfectly fit and healthy between the ages of 20 and 30 as if their weight is right at that age.
Some people are perfectly fit between the ages of 16 and 20. They should bring their weight to that level and then maintain it at that level for the rest of their lives. Such people are called evergreens.
There are a few things to keep in mind for good health and obesity, such as an accurate and optimal weight loss rate of 250 grams to 500 grams per week. In light of this, check out the weekly weight-loss claims in the newspapers. ۔
This is a complete deception and this is done by bringing a lot of urine. This causes the body to lose water, but the fat remains in the lice, and sometimes even death due to severe dehydration. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
Adequate diet means a 10 to 30 percent reduction in the daily diet, but at the same time, it is important to eat a balanced diet, which includes 65% carbohydrate foods, 20% fats, and 15% proteins. Be

Aerobic exercises, such as walking, cycling, brisk walking, football, volleyball, basketball, squash, and tennis are very effective and useful sports. These exercises help to lose weight, physical energy, agility, and fitness. I also increase.
Exercises, such as squatting, bending, or bending the body in different ways, touching the claws, create agility, but because they consume less energy, they do not reduce fat.

Be careful

not to do strenuous exercise if you are unwell. If you are very ill, be even more careful. When you are completely healthy, then slowly restore your exercise program according to your energy. Excessive enthusiasm and self. Avoid strenuous exercise by working with confidence. It is very important to take care of the nature and severity of the disease, but to consult a doctor is the right and correct way to safety and health.

Infertility problems

According to a conservative estimate, about 15% of couples in the world do not become parents within a year, while 25 to 30% of married couples suffer from infertility problems. There are four. The people of Pakistan are in a similar situation.
This problem is not limited to women but can affect one or both.

40-30% of men are the cause of infertility and 70-60% are the cause of women, while 10 to 20% include both. Infertility is not incurable, if the cause is discovered, treatment is possible.
If the pregnancy is not declared for one year after marriage, it becomes a matter of concern. In this regard, the couple should consult a doctor.

If a woman is 30 years old, this age is best for giving birth to a child.

A woman’s ovaries naturally have a good number of reproductive eggs, which do not increase, but as they get older, their numbers begin to decrease. A baby that is in its mother’s womb for 20 weeks
has 5 to 7 million eggs. This is the extreme number of eggs that a mother has.
At this stage, the ovaries begin to disappear.
Then at the birth of a child, their number is reduced to 10 to 20 million.
By the time a woman reaches the age of 40, only 3% of the eggs are left, and by the time a woman reaches the age of 51, the number of eggs is reduced to 100. These eggs naturally die each month. The duration of ovulation can be more or less. Someone’s ovaries die sooner and someone’s late.
Therefore, if a woman has a problem of infertility at the age of 25, she should consult a specialist. If she goes to a general practitioner, she wastes her time and after reaching the age of 40. Her reproductive organs are lost in large numbers and her reproductive quality is reduced, resulting in the baby being born with defects or having an abortion.

In addition, there are many reasons for miscarriage. If these things are taken into account, then this confusion can be got rid of in the future. Ultrasound detects defects.
Similarly, in the past, complaints of infertility were also raised, but in those days, these issues were commonplace.
People attributed it to bad luck. As time progressed and technology advanced, the cure for infertility was discovered. It became known that smoking increased the risk of infertility due to smoking and lifestyle changes. Obesity, thyroid gland problems, and stress are also causes of this. When stress increases, the production of reproductive material stops.

Keep in mind that a woman’s reproductive ovaries begin to decline at age 30 and her chances of becoming a mother disappear at age 40. Sometimes it happens that the eggs are in the right amount. But women cannot become mothers. The reason is that their hormones deteriorate, then the specialist doctors correct this defect, thus increasing the production of eggs.

About 30% of men do not have an active reproductive system and their amount is low, so a special treatment called “IUI” allows a large amount of reproductive material to enter the vagina. This method of treatment is tried where the reproductive material is not active or normal.
In addition, another treatment called “IVF” involves taking a woman’s reproductive eggs and mixing them with a man’s reproductive material in a laboratory. This process produces an embryo, which the germs place in the incubator for three to five days. The fetus is then placed in the woman’s vagina. Even if she does not become pregnant in this way, the third method,

“ICSI” (ICSI) is adopted.

In this, the reproductive material in the reproductive ovum is transferred directly to the vagina with the help of a syringe for enlargement.
Many of these methods involve injections and tests, as well as the discomfort that women have to endure to become a mother.