What Is Foreign Investment Inflows?

Foreign Investment Inflows

Updated On — 4th Oct, 2020

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Foreign investment inflows mean that the total investment of foreign institutions in one country exceeds the total investment of foreign institutions in other countries. Generally speaking, a large inflow of foreign investment indicates that a country’s economy is strong and is more attractive to overseas companies. Incentive measures adopted by some countries to increase the inflow of foreign investment. 

Foreign Investors

Foreign investors can directly purchase company facilities or indirect assets such as stocks and bonds.

There are two main types of foreign investment:

Direct investment refers to the purchase of physical assets in a country, such as building factories or building real estate; indirect investment refers to Foreign purchases of financial assets, such as stocks in local companies. 

Most Foreign Investment Inflows

Most foreign investment inflows are measured only by direct investment. As a concept, the foreign direct investment can include a variety of activities. In addition to purchasing property and assets, companies can also invest overseas by sharing technology and knowledge, assuming management roles, or participating in joint ventures. 

Clear Financial Value

These activities do not always have a clear financial value, so it is difficult to invest as a whole. National figures including them In order to avoid confusion, the latter method can be called net inflow. There are also several ways to interpret the inflow data.

One is to simply look at the total inflow. The simple “bigger is better” attitude comes in, remember to take inflation into consideration. Another way is to look at net inflows to understand the overall pattern. The usual attitude is that more capital inflows than outflows are a sign of an attractive and competitive economy. 

Finally, analysts do not need to simply observe the original difference between inflows and outflows but should focus on the proportional relationship between the two, which may have a more detailed understanding of the performance of the national economy worldwide.

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