What is the best Healthy lifestyle?

In developed societies, the fields of health and education are very important. In such societies, the proportion of healthy lifestyle is higher than the number of sick people and hospitals and dispensaries in these countries are deserted, while parks and resorts are crowded.

Places provide excellent medical care on the one hand and health awareness and healthy lifestyle on the other, while most developing and underdeveloped countries lack health care. Is discussed and health awareness is not raised among the people.

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An example of providing health care to people without awareness of a healthy lifestyle is like filling a bucket with water while there is a hole in the bucket through which water is flowing.

In such a situation, all the resources that will be used to overcome the health problems are feared to be wasted.

5Therefore, in the development of healthy societies, the first responsibility falls on the people living in that society.

People living in that society, their culture, their way of life and their traditions determine the direction of that society, for example, in healthy societies, before the disease can be controlled, people have to be aware of the disease, precautionary measures, and Early diagnosis is discussed.

People are told how to prevent the disease. For example, Singapore’s health system is one of the best in the world, but still diabetes on Singapore’s metro trains, buses and bus stops. And blood pressure control awareness posters appear.

Similarly, information and posters about blood pressure and pregnancy care are displayed in public places in Hong Kong. Another important role in a healthy lifestyle is related to food, which includes the right amount and quality of food.

In East Asian countries (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea) and other European countries, including China, lunchtime is between 12: 00-01: 30 pm and dinner time is between evening (06: 00-07: 30). Is.

People in these countries go to bed without food if they go to bed at night. Medical science has also revealed that eating late at night and sleeping immediately after eating causes many diseases. Eating early in the evening helps digest food at bedtime and maintains sleep.

Similarly, people in developed countries eat breakfast early in the morning and eat fiber (porridge, banana) for breakfast. Prefer In fact, we don’t need to overeat or overeat to survive, our overeating causes obesity and other diseases. Similarly, the quality of food is a guarantee of a healthy life.

People in Korea, Japan, and other East Asian countries are thinner and more active because of their low oil and boiled consumption, as most of these countries eat rice (rice-eating nations) and also a staple food. There is rice.

In addition to rice, fish and boiled vegetables are eaten in these countries. In contrast, most of our food is spicy and oily. We are countries that consume more red meat. Include The use of vegetables, pulses, and fruits in our diet are also decreasing. Tea is considered to be coffee (without milk) all over the world, while our tea has to be called Milk Tea and milk tea is relatively luxurious and unhealthy. The drink is considered.

Similarly, exercise and other physical activities are common in countries with healthy lifestyles. People are seen exercising in parks, gyms, riverbanks, and jogging tracks in the morning, evening, and at night. Regular promotion of hiking and cycling in such places.

Is done. Amsterdam is called the World’s Cycling Capital where the number of bicycles exceeds the total number of people. After the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany use bicycles the most, indicating a healthier lifestyle.

Most people with a healthy lifestyle are seen doing yoga and meditation. Yoga literally means to harness the mind. Popular yoga countries include India, Spain, Indonesia, and Thailand, where many practice yoga. There are destinations and yoga trainers.

Today, yoga and meditation have taken the form of a complete Thar API.
Finally, I would like to submit that my purpose in writing this is to raise awareness among the people about a healthy lifestyle and to review their habits and habits and how readers can lead a healthy life by following the principles of health.

Because a sick person is not only sick for himself, that sick person requires a lot of capital and a lot of hard work and attention of healthy people. I pray to God Almighty to keep you all healthy, Amen. Thank you.

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