How to Reduce Eye Inflammation

There are many causes of eye inflammation. Smoke or a gas, cold air, bright light, dust, and any foreign object in the eye such as straw, hair, mosquito, etc. are the main causes of it. The inflammation caused by them is often temporary and Inflammation of the eye due to germs is the most important because once the germs occupy the eye, they continue to thrive for a long time, so this inflammation lasts for a long time and is more painful.

The most common type of inflammation is eye irritation and watery eyes. The eye becomes red. Bacterial inflammation not only has these symptoms but also causes a viscous substance to flow from the eyes instead of water.

This substance sometimes causes the eyelids to stick out. Sometimes the eyelids become swollen. The eyes are usually red at a certain place. In a certain bacterial inflammation, rashes form under the eyelidsInflammation of the eye in vulnerable children is usually caused by a virus.

The virus is also a germ-like creature that causes various diseases. The white part in the nearby part turns red.

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Causes & Natural Treatment

1. Try to avoid everyday causes of eye inflammation. If these minor causes cause constant inflammation in the eye, it can be dangerous. If there is eye inflammation, some people wear blindfolds. It is dangerous to do so. The germs that run out of the water in the eye also stay in the eye and the inflammation increases further.

2. Whatever the nature of the inflammation, keep washing the eye with a solution of uric acid. You can make this solution at home in a glass. Pour a teaspoon of uric acid in lukewarm water and dissolve it well.

3. Do not wash your eyes immediately.

Allow the dissolved uric acid to settle in the bottom of the pot. Wash the affected eye with clean cotton wool by rinsing the solution in another container. Even if it is not caused by germs, germs can easily attack the inflamed eye.

4. The uric acid solution of germs on feetIf the inflammation is due to germs, ie if the eye is red for a long time, there is irritation and pain in it and there is a constant flow of water or lubricating material in it, it is still useful to wash it with uric acid. Clean the eye by soaking it in a solution of clean cotton uric acid and drip two to three drops of Bidizole eye drops in it.

5. Wash the eyes three to four times a day and apply this medicine to the eye. Can be found at the pharmacist. Apply Vaseline on the eyelids at night to prevent them from sticking to the digestive tract. Use of anti-bacterial towels etc. Do not use it. Reduce or quit smoking if the inflammation is recurrent or chronic. So zinc sulfate lotion is 1/4% useful. Be careful not to use a lotion stronger than this. It can be dangerous. Don’t forget to remove the cause of inflammation and sunburn. Use glasses.

6. If the eye inflammation is caused by conjunctivitis and is accompanied by red and swollen eyes, eye congestion, and other symptoms, then some eye drops can be used to treat conjunctivitis. As long as the conjunctivitis is cured, the eye inflammation will also be It got better naturally.

7. When the eyes are inflamed, red, and swollen, people can also use antibiotic drugs for treatment, but these drugs should not be used for too long, otherwise, it will form drug dependence and cause some side effects on the human body.

8. People all know that salt has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. People can take a pot of warm water and add an appropriate amount of salt. After mixing it evenly, clean the area around their eyes, which can also have a therapeutic effect. However, this kind of treatment is slower and people have to wash their eyes every day.

9. A reasonable diet can also indirectly reduce inflammation of the eyes. When the eyes are inflamed and swollen, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, calcium, iron, and other elements, because these nutrients can increase the resistance of the eyes to diseases.

10. After the eyes become swollen and inflamed, people should try not to use their eyes and rest more. This can reduce the discomfort to their body and relieve the fatigue of the eyes, thereby reducing the symptoms of eye inflammation. The above is the solution to the inflammation and swelling of the eyes. If your eyes also have this kind of symptoms, you can follow the methods described above to deal with it. At the same time, I suggest that you should pay more attention to protecting your eyes in your daily life and master some methods to deal with eye inflammation so that you will not panic when facing diseases.

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