Rare Eye infections

Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ of the human body which is the most sophisticated and complex in the five senses as well as the most important for human beings. Therefore, nature has made many arrangements for its protection. It is between the shells of the bones. It has eyelids and eyelids that have the ability to open and close quickly when looking and in danger. You need to know about Rare Eye Infections

There is always moisture in the form of tears in the eyes. It is actually a natural antiseptic solution for cleaning the eyes. Lysozyme, which keeps the eyes moist as well as protects them from external defects such as kidney germs. Dust, pollution, etc.

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These tears are produced by the glands above the eyes

Tears cleanse the eyelids and then reach the nose through the tear duct in the inner corner of the eye. When you look at the eyes from the front, you see a black pupil. It is like the door of the eye. The light goes through it into the eyes and then things are visible. There is an iris around the pupils which is itself. Iris is surrounded by white hair (sclera) around the iris.

If you examine the inside of the eye, you will see many layers. The front has a transparent hard cornea that acts as the outer lens of the eye. The retina on the back of the eye. The function of the retina is to give adequate light to the retina by focusing on it. Behind it is the iris and immediately after it is the crystalline lens which has its own color or texture. Keeps changing for compatibility.

Behind the lens is a transparent jelly-like substance that fills the inner parts of the eyes. The back of the eye has a light-sensitive coating called the retina, which is the most important part of the eye. The light enters the eye through the pupils and travels to the sensitive cells of the retina and divides into two parts called rods and cones.

They trigger a wave that commands the brain to look through the optic nerves and with this optic nerve there are blind spots and any rods or corns in this place. Do not form Since the eyes are the most sensitive human organ, they should be taken care of immediately in case of any defect in them.

The symptoms that indicate an eye defect are either defects in the eyes themselves or There are signs of any defect in the eyelids. However, any defects in the eye should be immediately noticed and a doctor should be consulted.

Common eye infections and their symptoms

Blepharitis Blepharitis
This type of eye infection causes the eyelids to hurt and turn red. Mild itching and sticking of the eyelids together after waking up in the morning are common symptoms. There may be an allergy or a skin rash.

Conjunctivitis The white parts of the eyes appear as red as blood, they also have inflammation and discomfort, watery eyes, dark white or yellow discharge from the eyes are considered as common symptoms of conjunctivitis. Is done.

Even in this case, the eyelids stick to each other in the morning.
If these symptoms are present in only one eye, then the cause may be some kind of external factor, such as a particle of dust getting into the eyes, and if it is present in both eyes, it may be due to some kind of severe infection or allergy.Is. If the child is sick with this ailment, that is, he is also having a fever, then it may be a sign of measles or occasional illness.


This type of infection is also called eye stains or red blisters. Seeing red, swollen, and inflamed eyes is a clear sign of this infection. There is also food stuck with inflammation.

Tears drain closure

(Blockage of tear duck)appear in children’s eyes filled with tears every time I look in the eyes water and the water removed when it should be in the form of a thick liquid.

This can be caused by a blockage of the tear duct. It can affect both eyes.
Direct eye defects with white cataract pupae with a clear white spot. This disease is a symptom of cataract and can be congenital.

The visually impaired Children should try to see things closely. In this endeavor, squinting may also occur due to pressure on his eyes.
This is a sign that the baby’s eyesight is impaired.

When a child reads, he should keep the book very close to himself, that is, close his eyes or try to look at the blackboard, etc. The child’s far-sightedness is likely to be weakened. I usually find it.

Squint The child should look at the six ways in a way that the angle of his eyes is not correct. This is a sign of squinting. Apart from these, there are other eye defects or diseases that are not mentioned here.

But it is important to repeat here that in case of any defect, you should not try to treat it by yourself but by an authorized doctor. Refer to Types of
eye strains, also called red spots, are a bacterial infection caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcal.

It enters the eyelids where the eyelids grow. There is an effect and it becomes a rash. This usually happens when a child rubs his eyes with his dirty hands.

Bacteria with eye infections usually live on the skin of the nose and throat and do no harm, but if they enter the skin, they can cause a serious infection.

The infection causes a purulent discharge in which live white blood cells and bacteria as well as the dead matter of the cells keep coming out. This process continues until the eye stains are removed or Don’t grow up and burst.

Some children get recurrent eye stains. This may be due to the fact that they are either looking for the germs or their body’s immune system is fighting against the eye stains infection. I am weak.

Eye stains are not dangerous but they are very painful. Symptoms The child’s eyelids become red and swollen. The swelling starts to increase and in two to three days it becomes a light yellow rash. What should be done?

If the eye strain is not healing on its own, then it is better to remove the moisture or pus in it.

Never remove the pus by tearing the eye sockets. The best way to do this is to make a large cotton ball and dip it in warm water and keep it on the child’s eye for at least 20 minutes. Keep repeating until you feel the need.
When the eyelids rupture, gently and gently clean the dirty material and blood with a cotton ball soaked in a sterile or antiseptic solution (prepared for sensitive skin).

Care must be taken to clean the dirty material so that it does not get into the other eye and cause an infection there as well.
After removing the material, clean the whole area with water and use the antibiotic drops or ointment prescribed by the doctor. Then clean your hands thoroughly.

See a doctor if you have eye strain or red spots that are too large or painful.
The doctor will then perform a chemical analysis of the nasal and oral fluid to find out where the bacteria are growing.

Caution Encourage

Children wash their hands at all times. Do not allow children to wipe their noses with their hands. Instruct them to keep handkerchiefs or tissue papers with them for this need. If you find that your child has persistent eye strain, then increase the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet.

If the child’s eyes are sore, instruct them to wear sunglasses when going out. Sick children should not live in an environment full of smoke. Smoke increases the severity of eye strain.

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Side medicine and treatment

According to Chinese medical philosophy, the eyes are a sensitive device of the liver. Therefore, when there is a defect in the eyes, the liver is also treated according to this theory.

Natural remedies focus on diets and try to eliminate the disorder through various diets. There are many remedies for this in homeopathy such as Staphisagria 6C every hour for ten consecutive days. Are done

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