What are hotkeys in trading?

What are hotkeys in trading?

Hotkeys make your work faster. A trader wants to improve the speed in his work. So read about these hotkeys and also use them for trading. These hotkeys will help you in speed improvement.

I started trading regularly two months ago. I practice day trading with scalping elements. You almost always have to act quickly.

During this time, there were almost no days that I did not make at least one mistake when placing an order to enter or exit a position.

Fat finger stalked me almost every trading session. Of course, it’s all about the proper skill and hard work during demo training.

The longer you hone your mastery of the execution keys, the better. But the key layout itself plays an important part. It should be convenient, fully meet the assigned tasks, and correspond to the trading style.

American Traders use these hotkeys in trading.

  • Set the option to buy order on the key combination Shift + Q.
  • Set the option to sell order on the key combination Shift + P.

Pressing the above combinations again will allow you to change the ECN to open a trade position.

  • Set the Sweep purchase option to the Shift + R key combination .
  • Set the Sweep sell option to the Shift + U key combination .

Indeed, these functions will be very useful. A swip order involves placing a trader’s order with a small margin in a few minimal steps. One step is measured in pips. The stock is regulated directly by the trader.

In some ways, these functions resemble a limit order, except that there are a little more pips. It is especially relevant when a trader loses the opportunity to place automatic stop orders.

  • On the key combination Shift + S, set the Limit purchase option.
  • Set the Limit sell option to the Shift + L key combination .

By and large, these functions are familiar limit orders, with the only difference being the automatic setting of the size for an open deal.

  • Set the Stop purchase option to the Shift + V key combination .
  • Set the Stop sell option to the Shift + N key combination .

By analogy with the previous functions: repeated presses will allow you to change the ECN by the minimum step.

Additional functions:

  • On the key combination Shift + [ set the option for adding alerts.
  • On the key combination Shift +] set the option to open the alert panel.
  • Set the option to change the cost to five points on the Shift + arrow keys combination.
  • On the Delete key, set the option to cancel the first limit order in the section of unexecuted trading operations.
  • On the Space key, set the option to switch between the second level and the window with unexecuted deals.
  • On the arrows, set the change in value by 1 point.
  • Set the option for choosing the number of lots on the NumLock key.

The only uncovered moments are market coverage, that is, buttons for emergency closing of trading at any cost.

The fact is that the employees of this company simply do not use this option, since they are professionals, therefore, do not lose money on rebates.

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