What is Euroclear Settlement?

What is Euroclear Settlement?

Updated On — 13th Nov, 2020

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Euroclear is a company that provides Euroclear Settlement services for securities transactions. This means that it is the central registry for stocks, investment funds, and other stock transactions. It performs this duty for several countries and is also one of only two countries that provide settlement services internationally.

Bank for Clearing

As of 2010, The European Bank for Clearing is the central securities depository of Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands. The Republic of Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. As of 2010, the European Clearing System is the central securities depository of seven countries. The only central registry for transactions. 

Definition of Euroclear Settlement

By definition, there is only one central securities depository in each country. The seven countries are Belgium. Finland, France, and the Netherlands, and the European Clearing Bank is the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. 

International Central Securities

European Clearing Bank is one of two international central securities custodians, cooperating with Clearstream International. This position coordinates the flow of European bonds. These bonds are issued in one country but in another country’s currency. This is usually to make it easier for the company to obtain loans from investors in other countries. 


The specific euro bonds are named after their designated currencies: for example, bonds denominated in yen are called Euroyen bonds. More than 85% of the shares of the Euro clearing Bank parent company group are owned and operated by its customers. 

The rest of the company is owned by Sicovam. Which was previously responsible for overseeing the numbering system for securities on the French Stock Exchange. The parent company group fully controls the subsidiary Euroclear Settlement SA/NV.

In 2010, the organization reported that it processes 180 million transactions each year, totaling 500 trillion euros. According to capitalization calculations, the total value of each company’s securities in a market. It handles 50% of European debt securities and 60% of European equity underlying securities. 

It also stated that it handled 30 currencies in 90 countries. In addition to processing transactions, it also holds 20 trillion euros worth of assets for customers. Euroclear Settlement was originally established in 1968 by the Belgian. Office of the Morgan Guaranty trust company based in New York to make Eurobonds The market is running more smoothly.

In view of the inevitable administrative problems of so many cross-border investments. Morgan Guarantee ceased to participate in 2000, and the structure involving the European Clearing Bank SA/NV began in 2005. The parent company plc group is regulated by British financial law, while SA/NV group is regulated by Belgium.

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