What is the Bidding War?

What is the Bidding War

Updated On — 7th Sep, 2020

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A bidding war is a competition between buyers who want to buy the same things and offer sellers higher and higher prices. Bidding wars can cause the final price to exceed the value of the product, which is very dangerous for buyers, even if they are very beneficial to sellers. 

Triggering A Bidding War

Sellers may specifically price an item with the goal of triggering a bidding war. By asking for a uniform price and accepting the first buyer, they can get a better price than they might have.


Retailers may be interested in bidding wars in order to increase customers. Bidding wars may occur in real estate, companies, and any other commodities that can be bought and sold. 

Sometimes, the bidding war starts with active bidding, that is, someone actively bids and does not sell. In other cases, something is put on the market and invited to bid.

People Respond

In a bidding war, people quickly respond to other parties’ bids at higher prices, with the goal of attracting sellers and successfully completing the transaction. People can also use favorable terms when bidding to make the transaction sweeter with their bid.

How Many People Involved

Two or more people may be involved in a bidding war. Sellers usually try to get bidders to compete with each other, let people know about new bids, and encourage them to raise their bids or abandon them. Once bids slow down, sellers will get in touch with the highest bidder.

One problem that may arise in bidding wars is that people may be encouraged to raise their bids without careful consideration. Therefore, they may bid more than they can afford or exceed their wishes. 

To prevent this from happening, people may be required to pay a deposit to bid and prove that they have sufficient funds to support high bids. If people abandon the agreement after signing the purchase contract, they may also be fined or penalized by the seller.

Bidding war Uses

A bidding war can be used to increase the final sales price. Buyers may be attracted by competition and find that they are spending more than originally expected. 

A skilled broker or distributor can assist in marketing in a way that attracts bids and manage bidding wars to obtain the best price and complete the transaction as efficiently as possible.

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