The world’s largest Foreign Exchange Trading Center is?

The world's largest Foreign Exchange Trading Center is

Hello, The world’s largest foreign exchange trading center is the London foreign exchange market.

As the world’s oldest international financial center, the formation and development of the London foreign exchange market are also the earliest in the world.

As early as before the First World War, the London foreign exchange market had begun to take shape.

In October 1979,

Britain completely abolished foreign exchange controls, and the London foreign exchange market developed rapidly.

The London foreign exchange market is composed of banks that operate foreign exchange businesses and branches of foreign banks in London, foreign exchange brokers.

other non-bank financial institutions that conduct foreign exchange businesses, and the Bank of England.

There are about 300 designated foreign exchange banks licensed by the Bank of England in the London foreign exchange market, including overseas branches of major clearing banks.

Almost all of the world’s 100 largest commercial banks have branches in London.

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